Dr MarĂ­a Da Costa
Dr Maria Da Costa has 28 years experience in General Practice. She was born in Indian (Goa) to parents who were both General Practitioners with her mother specialising in Psychiatry. 
Dr Da Costa completed her Medical degree in Goa Medical College through the University of Mumbai and Diploma in Psychiatry through the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai. 
She worked in The Goa Medical College and the Directorate of Health Services of Goa for 20 years until she moved to Australia in December 2000 taking up a position as General Practitioner in Bundaberg.  
Moved to Childers Medical Centre in April 2008 as a General Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor. 
Dr Da Costa is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. 
Dr Da Costa is an examiner for Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and our Clinical Supervisor / Mentor for Medical Students.  
She has diplomas and a special interest in Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery.
Dr Irene Fernandes
Dr Irene Fernandes was born in The Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) to Indian parents, who then relocated to Goa where she studied with English as the primary language and passed High School. After completing her Medical Degree through the Goa Medical College and working for 4 years as a Junior and then a Senior Resident in various Departments. In 1989 Dr Fernandes became part of the Directorate of Health Services and worked as a Medical Officer in the Rural areas until 2004. 
She then moved to Australia with her husband and daughter to take up position in Gayndah and continued to work there in the small rural community until September 2010 when she joined Childers Medical Centre.
Since joining has become a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
Dr Alireza Firouzfar
Dr Alireza Firouzfar was born in Iran to parents who were Small Business Owners. From the age of 6 he wanted to be a Doctor and his Grandfater used to call him Doctor from an early age.
Dr Firouzfar completed his Medical degree and Diploma of Medicine in 2003 and moved to Australia in January 2007. Working in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Frankston Hospital in Victoria and Mount Isa Hospital with his last placement being in Hervey Bay Hospital in Queensland for his residency.
Dr Firouzfar has had 4 years experience in General Practice and has been working with the "Doctors on Call" service for the past 2 years.
A father of 2 small children, his spare time is spent doing hobbies like playing soccer and exploring the sea side.
He has special interests in Surgery, Skin & Skin Lesions and Gastro-Intestinal Disorders.

Dr Hamid Norouzi
Dr Hamid Norouzi information pending.
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